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I am yet to see actual full lists yet.
We have yet to see your list

Darth Caedus

Lightsaber Skills:

Took on multiple Jedi and Battlemaster Kyle Katarn and outfought them. He even managed to nick a few hits on Luke, which is pretty impressive.


He was an extremely strong person in the Force. Very good at Force Influence, able to make powerful Force-Users with all their resistance and powerful will, obey him. He could heal himself on the spot and adjust his body to get use to the enviroment.

He Achieved Oneness. He could Absorb Energy and deflect it. And he could render himself so that he was extremely difficult to sense in the Force. Solo was able to force his mind into that of another through the Force, imposing his will through the Force. (As seen when he helped his mother with landing the Millenium Falcon. Boomshackalaca!)

He learned Shatterpoint, and you should read the novel "Shatterpoint" to see just how awesome that ability is. Able to see the weakness in pretty much everything.

2. Exar Kun

Lightsaber Skills:

Master of Niman and skilled user of Jar'Kai

Force: With his artiacts, he was pretty much on Ultra Steroids. He drained the life out of an entire Race and could smash stone walls with burst of Energy.

As a Spirit he was crazy strong. Able to make students obey him and was going to turn everyone Dark-Side and have them recreate his body so he could return. As a Spirit he managed to kill several students.

3. Nihilus

Lightsaber Skills: Was a near match for the Exile in a Duel. He had learned some of the greatest ancient Sith Teachings.

Force: He fed on The Force Energies to make himself stronger. Devouring planets and people, and it seemed like Meetra Surik was the only one who could resist that ability at that time. He was like Sidious, a Nexus in the Dark-Side. Drawing people closer to Death and making them weak everytime he spoke. He knew Sever Force.

And he picked up the Ravager with the Force...

4. Darth Plaeguis

Lightsaber: There is nothing official on his lightsaber skill, but he was talented...

Force: He could create life and manipulaten Midi-Chlorians.

He was also a Genius on the level of Sidious's Geniusness.

5. Sion

Lightsaber Skills: Held his own against the Exile for a While.

Force: He was Immortal, using his pain and hatred to regenerate his decaying body. If it hadn't been for his feelings for the Exile he would still be alive.

There is my top 5...
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