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"Kallig was able to channel the Force and adapt it in ways that suited a variety of needs, including subduing, stunning or killing of foes. Kallig was also an astonishingly proficient user of Force lightning. The young Sith was a proficient lightsaber duelist, utilizing either a standard lightsaber or a double-bladed lightsaber in combat. Kallig could combine skills with a lightsaber with mastery of the dark side, allowing Force Lightning to be channelled through Kallig's scorching lightsaber.
Proof of Kallig's power was demonstrated when Khem Val, the former servant of Tulak Hord, became one of Kallig's companions despite many powerful Dark Lords avoiding Khem Val while imprisoned in stasis due to the Dashade's Force immunity and record for killing and devouring even some of the most powerful Force sensitives.

The immediate aspiration for the young, powerful Sith apprentice and eventually Lord was ascension to the Dark Council. Kallig's strength in the dark side was enough to completely overpower a Dark Council member of Darth Thanaton's caliber. During their duel with Thanaton, Kallig demonstrated the ability to use Force deflection to fend off Force lightning, such as when Kallig effortlessly swatted aside Thanaton's Lightning attacks. Telekinesis was among the young Sith's talents, such as when Kallig threw Darth Thanaton clear across the Dark Council chamber. The Sith Inquisitor's telekinesis was also able to halt Darth Thanaton's lightsaber strike and force the experienced Sith Lord to his knees.

Kallig was immensely proficient in the use of Sith Magic, particularly the long forgotten Force Walk ritual to draw strength from multiple Sith spirits in order to explosively augment their power in the dark side. Their tremendously increased powers through the use of Force Walk was enough to overpower a Sith Lord as strong as Darth Thanaton. Kallig was also a proficient user of the Force Storm (weather), using it in combat against a variety of his enemies and attackers. The young Sith was also capable of using Force drain and used it to drain opponents while invigorating the young Sith and allies."


well,i would include her in the list. (from the trailer,canonically female)

""A Jedi who was stronger in the Force at four when I was fifteen?"
―Master Yuon Par regards her padawan's strength and innate power
Trained as a Jedi Consular, the Barsen'thor was a master of wielding the Force and had at least minor proficiency with a lightsaber. The Barasen'thor knew the Shielding Technique, applying it to remove Sith corruption or harmful effects of a target. This Shielding Technique was used primarily to deal with a dark plague created by Terrak Morrhage, and the Barsen'thor could indeed remove the harmful effects of the plague from its victims. The Barsen'thor also could use it without the need of sacrificing all his life force, as the former user of this technique had to sacrifice his or her life in order to successfully defeat Morrhage and his plague. The Barsen'thor also had enough telekinetic ability to rip through a blast door the size of a two-story building without any special help. Finally, the Barsen'thor could use the Force to detect cloaked enemies and use a Force Push strong enough to stun the First Son.
The Barsen'thor had at least a minor proficiency in wielding a lightsaber, and could apply kinetic combat and Force use while duelling. The Barsen'thor was skilled enough to defeat Nalen Raloch while only a Padawan, Lord Vivicar, as a knight, and numerous Children of the Sith Emperor such as Augin Blaesus, Darth Lachris, Darth Minax and the First Son as the Barsen'thor."


and also him,he is very powerful too. (from the trailer,canonically male)
The Red Eclipse

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