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The other thread was taken off sticky due to lack of update. So I figured I'd take my old post and convert it into this thread fully updated. Keep in mind this is from a BH codex.

I am currently 666/819 in my codex. I have been hunting down every codex entry that is obtainable by a BH. Here is what I have come up with bugged or missing by category rather than planet.

First Unnamed Tab -
This still reads 3/0 entries. Some have claimed 4/0. The four items here are:
1. Ilum Landing Zone
2. Invalid Entry(This one no longer appears in the list, though still counts towards the total)
3. Invalid Entry(rumored - if you have information on this one feel free to post)
4. Outlaw's Den(this is in Tattooine)
Obtainable: 4/0(rumored)
My Codex: 3/0

Datacrons -
None missing. The numbered gaps are intentional. The +10 Datacron does not count towards this.
Obtainable: 67/67
My Codex: 67/67

Epic Enemies -
This one is a bit off. Currently I am 128/158. There are 9 entries that are obtainable that I don't have, giving us 137/158. Soa Nightmare Mode has two entries that were previously bugged, they have since fixed this. If you have defeated Soa NiM make sure to check your codex for the entries. Keep in mind, every raid boss has two entries per difficulty here. Asation's NiM is to be presumed coded and that gives us 10 entries. We can also assume it ill have a timed run achievement. This gives us 148/158. Two are just bugged: Boarding Party Hard Mode should give a Storm Squad Veterans(Hard) entry and Foundry Hard Mode should give a Revan(Hard) entry... so 150/158. Leaving 8 unknown.
Obtainable: 137/158
My Codex: 128/158

I have 23/26. Missing one that is obtainable. We also have two bugged entries:
1. Denova - Interupt a Capture Attempt
2. Ilum - Captured the Zone
Obtainable: 24/26
My Codex: 23/26

Titles -
This is one of the two sections Bioware really screwed up in the codex. I am 36/78, with 3 obtainable by normal means and 4 obtainable through the Test Realm giving us 43/78.

If you are curious the 4 titles from the test realm are:
  1. The First Line of Defense - Reach level 10
  2. The Cutting Edge - Complete Act 1
  3. Strike Team Specialist - Use Groupfinder
  4. Strike Team Commander - Thoroughly Use Groupfinder

So what about the other 35 titles? Ok here's a detailed breakdown.

One of them is going to be from the Chevin Race World Event. You had the option of gaining the Capable Sentient title or the Imperial Loyalist. You could not get both. So we're left with 36 unknown titles.

10 come from Planets/FPs that were either removed or bugged:
Champion of House Thul - Alderaan
Conqueror of Balmorra - Balmorra
Jailbreaker - Belsavis
Conqueror of Corellia - Corellia
Of the Bane Brigade - Hoth
Venomous - Quesh
Scorcher of Worlds - Taris
Primeval Explorer - Tattooine
Ambassador of the Empire - Voss
Rakghoul's Bane - Kaon Under Siege

8 come from removed/bugged Social titles:
Friendly - Rank I
Outgoing - Rank II
Coordinator - Rank III
Guide - Rank IV
Chatterbox - Rank VI
Extrovert - Rank VII
Charismatic - Rank VIII
Leader - Rank IX

6 more from removed/bugged Dark/Light titles:
Vicious - Dark I
Sinister - Dark II
Malevolent - Dark IV
Respectable - Light I
Upstanding - Light II
Benevolent - Light IV

That adds 24 to our count putting us at 67/78. After doing much research I came across 3 BH only titles I do not have.
Powertech(yes I am a PT)
Knight of Alderaan

I also came across a shell of an invalid title. Lets assume the invalid title counts, so 72/78 is where we end with 6 unknown.
Obtainable: 42/78
My Codex: 36/78

Bestiary -
This one isn't that bad. I have 58/63. The remaining 5 are either bugged or missing. Here they are:
1. Asharl Panther - Ilum
2. Bogwing - Ilum
3. Kath Hound - Ilum
4. Skel - Hoth(This is obtained two ways as Republic Only)
5. Vulagool - Unknown
Obtainable: 58/63
My Codex: 58/63

Crew Skills -
Nothing missing.
Obtainable: 14/14
My Codex: 14/14

Event -
Nothing missing.
Obtainable: 10/10
My Codex: 10/10

Game Rules -
One bugged: Combat Ratings
Obtainable: 15/16
My Codex: 15/16

Locations -
There is only 1 bugged location. In fact, its the ONLY location I can find listed anywhere that I don't have, yet I sit at 98/106. The one bugged location is Sith Academy on Korriban. Meaning we have 6 unknown.
Obtainable: 99/106
My Codex: 99/106

Lore -
I have 92/111. Quite a few bugged/unknown. Here is the breakdown.
  1. The Infinite Empire - Belsavis
  2. Lord Parnax's Lost Recordings - Dromund Kaas
  3. The Blade of the Sith Executioner - Dromund Kaas
  4. The Phobis Devices - Dromund Kaas
  5. The Red Engine - Korriban (This is unobtainable for BH and IA)
  6. Sith Weapons - Korriban(This is unobtainable by BH/IA)
  7. The Three Families - Quesh
  8. Rakghoul Disease - Taris
  9. Geroya Be Haran - BH-only
  10. History of Tattooine - Tattooine
  11. Bonethrasher - I imagine KP
  12. Karagga the Hutt - I imagine KP

With those we sit at 104/111. 7 unknown. Some speculation that those 7 unknown are the 7 entries found on various data dump sites that are locations on Nar Shaddaa.
Obtainable: 92/111
My Codex: 92/111

Organizations -
I have 45/52. The other 7 are unobtainable.
1. Revanites - Dromund Kaas
2. The White Maw Pirates - Hoth
3. Chiss Ascendancy - Hoth
4. Tomb Raiders - Korriban (unobtainable for BH and IA)
5. The Sith Empire - ?
6. The Modern Tion Hegemony - ?
7. The Galactic Republic - ?
Obtainable: 45/52
My Codex: 45/52

Persons of Note -
I have 48/53. Four bugged:
1. Bouris Ulgo - Alderaan (BH only)
2. Lt. Major Pirell - Balmorra (BH only)
3. Jokull - Voss
4. Hedarr Soongh - ? (BH only)
With 52/53 we have one unknown.
Obtainable: 48/53
My Codex: 48/53

Planets -
Nothing missing.
Obtainable: 14/14
My Codex: 14/14

Ships -
Nothing missing.
Obtainable: 5/5
My Codex: 5/5

Species -
This is the second big screw up. I have 9/39. Though I have 31 bugged entries. Meaning 40/39? Could be considering the bugged tab and pre1.2 epic enemies going up to 85/64. Here is the list of species, truncated by planet:

Alderaan - Killik
Balmorra - Gran, Colicoid
Corellia - Drall, Selonian
Dromund Kaas - Chevin, Duros, Selkath
Hoth - Talz, Chiss, Ortolan
Korriban - Sith Pureblood, Abyssin, Dashade(Again BH/IA issues with obtaining Korriban codexes)
Nar Shaddaa - Gen'dai
Voss - Voss, Gormak
Unknown - Houk, Weequay, Chagrian, Arcona, Togruta, Advozse, Kaleesh, Nikto, Esh'kha, Ithorian, Trandoshan, Devaronian, Neimoidian, Anomid

Obtainable: 9/39
My Codex: 9/39