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07.13.2012 , 11:15 AM | #785
Tip for ATI GPU owners: Turn off in-game AA and AF and enable it through CCC. Bioware's implementation is terrible. I can't say I'm surprised considering they didn't even have AA in the beta. AA should be a core component of any game engine. There is still a bottleneck with the number of characters rendered on screen setting. In my case that one setting makes a 70% difference in frame rate from 'Low' to 'High', i.e. 30 FPS to 100+ FPS. Makes me suspect that it's not just a bad engine, but a poor implementation.

I hope every one involved has learned the lesson here: you have to get your engine in order and make sure it's very tight before moving ahead with a major title like this. At this point it's pretty clear that either the Hero engine is terrible, or it's being terribly implemented. Every successive rookie mistake BW makes inclines me further towards the latter conclusion.