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07.13.2012 , 10:35 AM | #784
First and foremost: I got an Alienware m15x gaming laptop with 8GB RAM and an ATI graphicscard in it.
I use it for gaming only and have SWTOR, LotRO, WoW, Diablo III, STO, DDO and Skyrim installed atm.
All games are running smoothly 60-90 FPS on highest settings, with "Stealth Mode" off, of course.

I run commodo internet security, the SWTOR files are all marked as "save" files.

I clean my system at least every other week, including malware check, rootkit check, defrag and emptying of temp and other systemfiles.

SWTOR ran fine until patch 1.3
Since then, that game is stuttering with 5 to 10 FPS on highest settings on my laptop.

Dunno if this changes anything, or if Bioware is even interested, but the problem can be bettered somehow with the Shadow Quality setting.
High = 5 to 10 FPS
Off = 30-40 FPS.
(on Alderaan with CTRL-SHIFT-F)

I have already deinstalled all graphics drivers and reinstalled the newest AMD drivers for my ATI Mobility Radeon 58xx. Taskmanager showing all processes looks fine, no extra processes are using CPU but the ones I started.

There are TWO swtor processes btw, I don't know if that is right.

Anyway, the game does not even make my quad sweat. The CPU does not go over 50%. All threaded cores are used. I have very little network traffic. The latency ingame lies between 60 and 120 ms, well within tolerable.

As said before, every single other game installed works fine at best settings, even Skyrim and the notoriously straining LotRO. No matter what application, my lowest FPS in those games so far were 60 FPS. SWTOR is really the only program acting up atm.

I don't believe, this changes the way BW handles this, but at least I did what I could to remedy the problem.

I already posted my DXDiag and other stats in an other thread and in a ticket to bioware.
The only response from Bioware was a standard answer requiring me to update my drivers (and other useless "hints").

So yes, this is a showstopper for me. Is Bioware actually working on the problem? Are they having a lead to the reason why this problem occurs? Are they even aware that the problem is with their system or are they still looking for possibilities to shove the responsibility to the user?
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