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Cool thread but I have a few notes.

Blizz is a ranged tank, not a melee tank.

It's tython, not typhon.

Raina Temple is a Healer, not ranged DPS

Not much else but you might want to proof read.

No disrespect meant.
No Disrespect taken :P I made the corrections, sorry for not responding sooner, my local area has been getting hit with non-stop storms and we have been without power and internet for a long time. Thanks for the heads up on the posts. If anything else comes up please inform me so that I may be able to make the corrections. As for the alignments I would hope that more people would comment on those specific classes and companions so that we can get a full list. Once the list is complete then I will compile them into one and add them in. Otherwise, I am not currently able to do so as my time is preoccupied with upcoming titles and testing. I do apologize for any inconvenience.