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1) What is the point of this, why all of a sudden i can not add a lvl 11 augment to a lvl 13 piece of gear.
2) Once I have this kit will I be able to do the above or do i have to make something else.
3) Are these kits and components interchangeable between the 3 crafts or do I need one or more for each?
4) I found this change? to be very annoying, am I the only person who is not happy that crafting just got more difficult? I'm not a fan of destroying stuff i make.
If you can direct me to where Bio explains why they are doing this I would appreciate it.
1. You can, if the item has an augment slot (or should, there was a bug with stuff crafted before 1.3 that has been fixed (supposedly) in this mornings maintenance.
2. Assuming the item doesn't have an augment slot (which is why you'd need the kit) you have to go to an item modification table to add the slot (costing some credits and using up the kit) in order to add the slot. Then you can slap in an augment as usual.
3. All interchangeable.
4. Basic reason for the kits in general is to make it so any item can be augmented, even drops. (fairly obvious, players have been clamouring for that for a while) Basic reason for the tiered kits/slots is presumably to correct the mistake they made in 1.2 making cheap/easy to make low end stuff BiS, thus doing a number on a basic "more skill/expensive mats = better item" principle.