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Spend time and effort into getting server populations to good levels and while that's going on give the players the ability to leave said servers to reduce it or spread out to dead servers for them to start complaining all over again that they're on dead servers before a decision is made about the servers players are currently transferring off of.

All sarcasm aside, you made a good point. But who's to say they let even paid transfers move to any severs other than their consolidated "mega-servers" they just created? In fact, since it's a foregone conclusion that they will eventually close those now-dead servers, it would be pretty pointless to let anyone transfer to those servers at all, paid or not. Easy enough; just don't make them available.

I would guess that they would also have to disallow transfers, paid or not, to certain mega-servers like The Fatman that are already busting at the seems. Or at least only allow them for players with characters already on them over a certain level or for a predetermined amount of time (to avoid juking the system), as this wouldn't actually increase those server pops.

Otherwise, though, if their system is in place (and it may well not be), there isn't any other reason I can think of for them not to go ahead and open them up. Would cure a lot of the problems for those that regret their decisions to transfer to their preselected destination servers during this round. And there are a lot.

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