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06.24.2012 , 09:15 AM | #26
Relax OP. They are coming. We, on the last of the dead servers, just got the ability to transfer less then 7 days ago. And there are problems. I think the transfers went smoothly, but nevertheless, there are issues with load balancing. I understand that you aren't really adding to the load if you already have a toon on said server, but others haven't moved and did not reroll. In fact they are waiting for paid transfers so they can move where they want once.

So.... lets give them sometime to sort things out just a bit more. After all, if you pay for a transfer, I'm sure you will agree, you want absolutely no hiccups or unexpected consequences. And... if you pay... you may even want to keep your name.

Realistically, with 1.3 being released... it may even take a little more time. That's the reality. Nevertheless, it hasn't been that long, and I think you will be glad you waited.