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Do you people think this stuff just magically materializes? This is a revenue producer. Do you think that they would not have it out if they could?
And that's the point!

BW just transferred 100's of thousands of characters between servers in a matter of days. The process was smooth and nearly instant. So the code is there. The demand is there. An oppurtinutity to fix player frustration is there. Everything is there except the service.

The responses that say BW is monitoring population balances, you do realize that if I transfer 4 characters from the same faction, I did not increase the population by four? I added zero to the population. If I transfer multiple characters from opposite faction, I increased the population by 1.

It's annoying to see BW push the Legacy mumbo jumbo while a large part of the playerbase has split Legacies. BW, you make it no secret you want players to roll alts and take advantage of the Legacy junk. So why hinder us at the same time/