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Bioware has demonstrated their ability to efficiently mass transfer characters from one server to another, so why did they stop there?

I know BW has not given a when of if this service will be available, but could anyone speculate why the heck not? And what the bleep are they waiting for? If they are worried about balance, just make the initial price where transfers would slowly be purchased.

There is a huge player base that rerolled new characters on the very few populated servers when their server population dried up. Now they (including me) would like to reunite all our players onto a singel server.

I don't understand why BW is pushing this Legacy stuff while penalizing players who made adjsutments during the lonely server days. I don't see 10 page posts regarding the suspense and excitement over Legacy perks.

Bioware, why are not implementing paid transfers? The usual "maybe we will" response is huge B.S.

Coding, testing, billing, higher priority content like, I dunno, an expansion pack that they don't want to cross up with and end up with a mass of spaghetti code?

Do you people think this stuff just magically materializes? This is a revenue producer. Do you think that they would not have it out if they could?
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