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Probably the same reason other games wait before implementing.

First, they have to wait for the sub population to stabilize. This way, they know approximately how many people they are dealing with.

Second, they offer free transfers from low pop servers in order to bolster population levels on a set number of servers. This allows more stability in server populations.

Finally, once the dust is settled they open up paid transfers.

If BW didn't let things stabilize they wouldn't know what they had and where they had it. It is all part of a process, no one part which should be rushed. Honestly, free transfers should have filled up some servers and with 1.3 coming out Tuesday they appear to have some resub's coming back in so that might be putting things on hold. Not to mention making sure the automated transfer service is working good before opening up full paid transfers.

I'd expect to see it offered soon since I got 9 characters from 2 servers transferred in under 5 minutes one Saturday morning without any real issues (except for one character I had to rename who my other characters swore up and down didn't exist when they tried to friend them...since fixed by the way).

Ultimately, its hard to pin down what you need to do to fix things if you have people transferring willy-nilly...
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