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Alright, I'm one of those guys who played this game strictly because I'm a star wars nerd, a really annoying one to. But what annoys me is Bioware announces to add a new planet to this game, and it doesn't even exist in the universe. Honestly, with the books I'm fine with authors writing about new planets, but I think at the point where there are that many planets in lore ( ) it'd be much more fun to add something that players are a little more familiar with, instead of adding new things every chance you get. Plus, I could mention some other things you really messed up in the story (such as the use of kolto) but I won't get in it. What I am really saying here is: Stop trying to be creative, bring back memories of KOTOR fans by putting in manaan, or even better a Jedi enclave on Danatione.
Manaan had all it's surface cites razed and destroyed by the Empire, the Selkath are either underwater buried in a hole so deep they won't emerge until the movie time period or if we do go to Manaan it will be all underwater. Dantooine would be pretty much be Taris 2.0, after the Sith paid their visits.

I wouldn't mind a visit to Kashyyyk, Dxun,Telos, Onderon or Lehon(datamining looks like we might be going back there anyways) though.
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