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06.06.2012 , 11:04 AM | #1
Alright, I'm one of those guys who played this game strictly because I'm a star wars nerd, a really annoying one to. But what annoys me is Bioware announces to add a new planet to this game, and it doesn't even exist in the universe. Honestly, with the books I'm fine with authors writing about new planets, but I think at the point where there are that many planets in lore ( ) it'd be much more fun to add something that players are a little more familiar with, instead of adding new things every chance you get. Plus, I could mention some other things you really messed up in the story (such as the use of kolto) but I won't get in it. What I am really saying here is: Stop trying to be creative, bring back memories of KOTOR fans by putting in manaan, or even better a Jedi enclave on Danatione.