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My Sith Assassin named his ship "Force Killer" more as an warning to his enemies of the Dashade Khem Vhal in his employ than anything else.
My Bounty Hunter re-named his ship "Maligned Fate". He thought it was appropriate being he stole the ship in the first place, and that anyone else caught by him or the ship would not be happy with their fates.(Mako wanted to call it Blood Scythe, because it sounded cool and they are hunting down Tarro Blood. That was vetoed.)
My Jedi Knight calls his ship The Red Storm. Having come to terms with his heritage as a Sith Pure Blood in republic space, he feels it plays up to the fear that his presence brings his enemies and those who do not trust him in the order itself.
My Smuggler(who is my Bounty Hunter in an alternate identity so he can maintain republic contacts) named his ship
"Fate Breaker".(he had to rename it briefly when Mako working from the Imperial side called it Blood Scythe in retaliation of his previous veto)