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Nice guide. Short, sweet, and to the point.

It's not like that at all. The tone of your post makes me believe that you're a bit frustrated; I sympathizer with you, but please allow me to explain why having PvP gear is -very- cool, and a worthwhile edition to the game environment.

When you start off as a fresh level 1 jedi on Tython, you are given the basic necessities, and are rather quite weak. But in time, you are able to grind your way up in level, credits, legacy, etc. Eventually, you reach level 50, bought/quested for nice gear, and are the big cheese of mob-slaying.

Well PvP is just like that, and for those of us who appreciate the multi-layered mechanics that set both PvE and PvP apart, it can be the next level of accomplishment for us to face and overcome. PvP is not supposed to be an extension of PvE, or general storyline gameplay for that matter. It's designed to be an alternative route of exposure that comes with entirely new set of goals, challenges, and rewards.

This is why expertise is important. It make PvP gear ineffective in PvE, and PvE gear less effective in PvP. This is what makes it so cool.

For this, those of us who do the grind, are thankful, and appreciative, and I guess we all just "get it", the point is made obvious to us, we appreciate this "need". That said, I can certainly understand that this may confuse, or frustrate you, and that is actually 100% totally okay, because not every aspect of this game (or life in general) was meant to be absorbed or appreciated by 100% of all demographics.

My advice to you is to let go of the hate, and embrace the force, my young PvP Padawan.
100 percent correct, well almost since you said "start off as a Jedi" lol. Still a great speech though.
"May the force be with you"... "Better yet just stick with me because I am the Force."