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I dont think so. that armor if what your saying is in the VIP area vendor. i have not seen it anywhere else. So only way for you to get it is pay the 1mil credits to get the pass and then spend i think another 1mill for all the armor. I could be off alttle
Erm, a bit off. There's a "VIP vendor" in the VIP area and a "Collector's Edition vendor". The former only currently sells the Tirsa Prime iirc, the latter sells the trooper armour amongst other things. So buying the VIP token is arguably a bit of a waste.
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Is there a way to upgrade from Stardard to Deluxe?
Actually yes. There's a "digital deluxe upgrade pack" or somesuch available if you muck around on the account page a bit. Gives access to the VIP area, the STAP Longspur and some other minor things. Not the CE vendor though.
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