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05.22.2012 , 05:02 PM | #24
Lol Larry. My guess is this is the first game where you felt like you were good. You fight a lot of pugs and spread dots and get huge numbers. Either that or you were one of the Necros early on in Rift. Lol.

By the time you are finished spreading your dots the well played burst player has already killed 2-3 of the other team's biggest threats.

Now I'm not saying sorc is worthless as sorc has several of the best huttball skills. Also, sorc can still heal pretty well if you pay attention to your positioning and/or have support. Anyone who is actually good at pvp both as a pug player and a premade player against both pugs and GOOD premades knows that burst trumps dots. If the match is a runover the burst player would have killed them faster and if the match is near even the burst player can tilt it.