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nice guide the thing i dont understand fully is why when i get 12 medals and win sometimes i dont get 140 comm
huttball is where u see it the most since is the one that you win for the score and not because u accomplish the 6 goal
then come voidstair 2 decent team will never read the end

on the other hand Civil but novare too once u get 2 base it's very probable that you hold them all the way so it usually end up inside the time constrain

that means that victory is not always 100 commendation but is 100 commendation if you win in the first X miunts and then it goes down

anybody knows how is the formula for the time/commendation in victory?
The amount of commendations you get goes up as a function of time up to some maximum (probably 100 for win + 40 for medals). I think the time factor differs depending on the map. Winning faster actually decreases the commendations you get (though you'll get more medals). That said, most maps have pretty generous time scaling factors such that you'll almost certainly still get the full 100 even if you won as fast as possible.