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PvP Guide – Gearing up, medals and commendations

Since Ranked Warzones are finally here, I figure the new players and some old ones, could use some help regarding gearing up, getting ranked warzone commendations, medals etc.

Most of the info used here is from:
For more details and screenshots check the original articles.

I’ve noticed that in Warzones a lot of new players, and even old PvE players are not getting the Recruit suit and instead, they are coming with pve gear. Well … that’s the worst way to do it – even if you wear Rakata gear, Recruit is a lot better due to Expertise, which is the most important stat in PvP. Don’t be cheap and buy it, it’s worth the money.

Here are the prices for the Recruit gear:

Wrist – 20500 Credits
Waist – 20500 Credits
Boots – 26200 Credits
Ear – 17000 Credits
Implant – 17000 Credits
Hands – 26200 Credits
Head – 31700 Credits
Chest – 31700 Credits
Main-Hand – 38700 Credits
Off-hand – 19300 Credits
Legs – 31700 Credits
Champion Relics – 11300 Credits

So, to get full Recruit gear (including 2 Relics) it will cost you only 320000 Credits and provide you with approximately 900 Expertise which is more than decent for a fresh PvPer. Also lvl 50 players will get a new one-time PvP mission (New technology) available at the Mission Terminal on the Imperial and Republic fleets located in the Combat Training Quarter. This mission will allow you to choose between the following rewards: Recruit Gear Box (a complete Recruit set based on your AC) or a Recruit Credit Redemption Token, which can be sold at the vendor for 320000 credits (the cost of a full Recruit set).

After getting the Recruit gear, you are ready to do some Warzones and get Commendations for the Battlemaster gear. You can’t skip this tier if you want to go further and get the War Hero set.
Warzone Commendations (these can be obtained by playing normal Warzones) are needed in order to buy Battlemaster items.

Let’s take a look over the Battlemaster gear prices:

Wrist – 550 Warzone Commendations
Waist – 625 Warzone Commendations
Boots – 875 Warzone Commendations
Ear – 625 Warzone Commendations
Implant- 625 Warzone Commendations
Hands – 875 Warzone Commendations
Head – 1075 Warzone Commendations
Chest – 1425 Warzone Commendations
Main-Hand – 1550 Warzone Commendations
Off-Hand – 1550 Warzone Commendations
Legs - 975 Warzone Commendations

War Hero gear and Ranked Warzone Commendations

The next step is the War Hero gear. Players can buy it with Ranked Warzone Commendation + the equivalent Battlemaster item. For a full list of War Hero and Ranked War Hero gear costs please check this article:

Note: When buying a piece of War Hero gear players must have the equivalent Battlemaster item in the inventory (not equipped). Only the empty shell is needed (you can get the mods off from the item and you should still be able to trade it for War Hero gear).

Ranked Warzone Commendations can be obtained by doing Ranked Warzones or the PvP Daily and Weekly missions. Also players will be able to trade 30 Warzone Commendations for 10 Ranked Warzone Commendations, but Valor Rank 40 is required. More details about this can be found in the link above.

Note: Valor Rank is the system implemented by Bioware as a method for distributing PvP rewards and titles (such as crafted Battlemaster / War Hero / Rated War Hero gear, Longspur Recon mount. etc). Valor XP can be obtained by doing Warzones and Open World PvP.

Crafted Battlemaster and War Hero gear

This gear can be made by Synthweaving and Amormech. The gear has no mods on it, basically it’s just the empty shell.
However, to equip this crafted gear, players have to obtain a certain Valor Rank (Rank 60 for Battlemaster, Rank 70 for War Hero, while the Rated War Hero also requires Warzone Rating).
Also, augment slots can be added on any gear now. Bonus sets can be transfered on them but only from the new items added in Game Update 1.2 or later, such as War Hero set.

For some screenshots please check the original article:

Medals and Titles

Completing some achievements during a Warzone, will award you with medals. The first 8 Medals are now worth 250 Valor and 5 Commendations each. Players earn Valor and Commendations only for the first 8 Medals (2000 Valor / 40 Commendations in total).
For the full list of medals and titles please refer to the original article:

Resolve Bar

Basically, the resolve bar is a visual representation on how many movement, knock backs or action impairing effects (purple bar) a player can take before he becomes immune (the white bar). A good article explaining how this works can be seen here:
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