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05.21.2012 , 09:35 PM | #18
Sniper is by far the best simply because there are so many players playing classes with leaps and the leaps are 30m. Most tab targetting melees will tab to you, try to leap, then tab again. This is a HUGE advantage in pvp.

Even good melee will often try to ignore you if they can stay los of you since you are pretty deadly to melee and even if they kill you, you will hurt them.

Also, sniper is the easiest ranged pvp dps class to play at around 80% effectiveness. There is still a large difference between the skilled and unskilled but even if you are not skilled at all as long as you keep some range you can just cover and snipe + ambush for pretty nice results.

Other ranged classes have to worry about melee much more than you do and so your positioning and awareness are far less important when just trying to kill whoever is infront of you (which snipers are great at).

This is why you are seeing so many people play the class now when it is not a popular class to play at all fun wise (almost no one played it at release).