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Ok so here is the break down of answers...

1) Level 49 crafted gear is PvE gear it has no expertese and is suicide to use in PvP.Fresh 50s going into PvP should always buy the recruit PvP armor set doing otherwise is a severe handycap.

2) Level 49 legendary crit crafted gear is probably best summed up as bottom of the barrel good stuff.I would recomend that you instead invest in crit crafted custom (orange) gear for PvE use.Load up the oranges with armoring inserts purchased with daylies coms (these are lvl 50 and not 49 like the mods,enhancments and augments available from crafters) you can get the augments,enhancers and mods from crafters as level 49 legendary items.

3) Always use PvP armor in PvP.Expertese is the number one stat for PvP.You should be looking to get to around 1200 expertese as quickly as possible.(1200 expertese is where battlemaster gear will get you give or take depending on how much BM stuff you get)
On the flip side Battlemaster gear is plenty good enough for entry level end game PvE.

4) 1.3 is suppose to include more custom (orange) crafted items.This will increase the potential availability of crit crafted items and certainly improve the number of options available.

5) something to note about pulling mods from pre existing gear (ie. pulling everything out of battle master chest to place into a crit crafted custom chest) You can of course do this and you will gain the advantage of having augmented PvP armor however the downside is the set bonuses are tied to the shell so you will loose set bonuses when migrating stats from pre existing pieces to custom pieces.