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05.17.2012 , 05:43 PM | #6
sniper or sorc for perfect 1v1 set up. The sorc is also good in huttball. However, beyond that sorc is super boring and not a very good competitive pvp class. The sorc right now is a great DOT class and a very great chart pro class, however in any form of competitive pvp it would suck (outside of huttball). The reason people don't realize this is because they spend most of their time pug stomping and there really isn't any competitive pvp haha. Still boring imo though and thats why I stopped playing mine.

Teamplay outside of huttball sniper is the way to go. the range of melee leaps in this game is 30m and so sniper is at a decisive advantage being the one class that can't be leapt to. also in huttball you can still be great carrier support as a sniper if you actually try to be. It is just that in huttball if you play like most chart pros as a sniper you will be relatively worthless even with your high chart dps.