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Watchman: Assuming you Force leap in, you need to first decide if you need to apply your slow or healing debuff, typically I always apply my slow even if there are team mates attacking, as it really blows if they slow you and simply walk away :P. So, Force Leap(4)->Overload Saber(in air)(1)->Zealous Strike(7)-> Leg Slash(5)->Cauterize(3)(pop Zen now if you have it)->Strike(5)->Merciless Slash(1). As you can see, that kinda takes a while, if you remove leg slash you can finish that much quicker as you donít need to Strike either, just 3 hits after landing on your target and hes got your dots and has some hurt going. So when you really want to kill something, forego that Leg Slash. Usually this will do quite a number to someones health bar AND you have 6 good crit dots coming.

Without force leap your going to be simply running up to your opponent and opening with Zealous Strike(6)->Overload Saber(3)->Leg Slash(1)->Strike(3)->Cauterize(1)->Strike(3)->strike(5)->merc Slash(1). As you can see, thats alot slower, but you will have to do this in alot of occasions. Again, dropping that Leg Slash if you absolutely must will help speed this up. And also consider that you get knocked back at some point in the middle of this and can then Force Leap in for that 4 focus and that will speed up your output a bit.

in the damage rotation, what do the numbers mean? ie "force leap(4)"
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