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Considering armoring and weaponry for the possible "Droid" Class/Race, would it not be awesome if each and every piece of droid gear had a custom appearance? Like one Motor might give your character 4 Legs, one might give him wheels instead of feet, weaponry might either take the shape of actual weapons or in some cases arm-mounted turrets and vibroswords. I mean what's cooler? A C2-N2 holding a vibrosword or a C2N2 having a vibrosword for an arm?

Then we come to appearances that you pick at the beginning of the game, the most basic customizations for other races seems to be Body Type, Head, Scars, Complexion, Eye Color, Hair and Hair Color. We can skip Hair and Hair Color, after all it is a droid.
Eye Color could be basic colors like Red, Yellow and Blue. Perhaps also add such colors as Green, Purple and Orange.
Body Types goes from 1-4, for a droid it could simply be an increase in scale, or perhaps an increase in hull armor.
Heads can come in many shapes, and constructs. Some might have mouth and nose, some might just be a standard droid face.
Scars is where the Droids would be awesome, so to say battle damage. Bullet holes, scratches, burns or carvings, after all “we” are made from metal.
Complexion could range from different types of dirt, just need to know where to draw a line from Scars.
Then we come to a “special” appearance tab. I'd like to have two myself. Addons and Markings.
Addons could be such things as antennas, extra gadgets or trinkets etc.
Marks would be like tattoos, Republic might get something like Havoc Squad markings or Bounty Hunter Paint.