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04.26.2012 , 03:44 AM | #16
SW-Broonmark...while his devotion is admirable, he's just the token monster.

Imp Agent-Kaliyo (omg, shutthef***up...u can have the head. Thank the maker for Vector), Scorpio sux too...I need 2 robots like a hole in the head.

SI-They all pretty much suck, though with modifications Revel is fine. For a long time I was considering Khem as a romantic interest...yeah, they're that bad. So from this lot, I choose Talos. Why couldn't BW have made him more sexxxy, instead of a little worm?

BH-That Skadge thing.

Jedi Knight-Not a a big fan of Rusk.

Jedi Consular-Like, SI they all suck. From a female point of view, the only interesting man turns out to be Holo-sexual, lol. Qyzen's growling starts to annoy after a while too.

Trooper-none of the companions interest me, so I doubt I'll even play it, unless I'm uber bored and finished everything else.

Smuggler-Haven't really got much use for Guss Tuna or whatever his name is. Need to play this more to make a definitive choice...