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04.13.2012 , 04:20 AM | #217
I must admit I dunno how is it possible for a watchman top even 300k dmg on 50. I must admit that I followed this guide from a to z (even tho I used to play a quite a lot of pvp on WoW). To avoid discussions about whether I am a noob or not. I usually don't do to much dmg because I focus a lot on the goal of the WZ (capping, taking ball, passing ball, scoring etc). That would explain my low dmg in most cases. But when it comes to voidstar where in my opinion it's purely about EQ and luck (killing all imps and they getting stuck behind the forcefield) I was only able to do about 250k with watchman max. I follow the rotations, when needed I use other abilities to avoid getting hit by snipers, close in and start attacking etc. I'm not a lost case, I actually earned quite a lot of respect amongst other guilds (even tho we have a guild of only 5 players where 3 are 50 and playing PvP), because we think and we can win by tactics even against stronger opponents. So where is my fault? I bought few pieces of recruit EQ, kept my 2 centurion for the set bonus for now. I have Main hand and offhand champion sabers. I use relics when I can, I use expertiese stimps along with them.. And still my dmg output tops average about 150k.. is it me? is it my EQ? Is there such a big difference between recruit and BM EQ (which most of the imps we play against have). Republic is quite weak on our server in general. Can someone enlighten me please cause I'm getting frustrated. Now after 1.2 when there are no more dailies/weeklies for attendance in WZs it's getting even more frustrating cause many times we lose just because people not using their brain (standing on ledge so a mara/juggernaut can leap to our line etc). I know teamplay and what I'm asking about me individually are 2 different things. I just don't understand the screenshots that some people post here with dmg around 700k dmg (like Za'ell) and others. Thanks for any kind of hints and tips.

Btw thank you very much for the guide as it was very helpful on the start deciding which tree to use, rotations even before I got all the abilities. keep up the good work