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During beta, the dev's made a choice and split the whole world into two groups.

1) There's force/mystical/weird using people (jedi/sith, any companion that uses the force, any companion that uses weird abilities like Vector Hyllis). These people all have the primary stat of either strength or willpower, and they either use lightsabers, vibro weapons, or electro weapons.

2) There's the non-force/mystical/weird people (everyone not in group 1). These people all have the primary stat of Aim or Cunning, and they uses blasters weapons, tech weapons, or vibro weapons (yes, vibro weapons are on both groups...idk why).

So, for example...your questions about: Qyzen Fess, Torian Caldera, Skadge, etc all using melee weapons but having Aim as their primary stat. That is because none of them use the force, therefore they either have cunning or aim as their primary stat, and somewhere along the line the Dev's decided that all tech weapons would be aim based.

The reason why sometimes you find weird items on torhead, or even in game (i.e. medium armor with cunning and defense rating) is because like 3 or 4 months before launch the Dev's changed the entire way that stats worked in the game.

Prior to the change, there were no "primary stats", stats ONLY affected abilities that were of their type....meaning strength only affected melee abilities, aim only affected ranged abilities (and at the time, presence affected healing). That also went the other way, so for example the only way to increase your healing, was to gain more presence...putting on more cunning/aim/willpower did not increase bonus healing.

The dev's decided that the system was too complicated (due to things like, shadow/assassin needing to wear a mix of both strength and willpower gear so that both their force & melee abilities would be boosted). So, they scrapped the entire Stat system, redid all companions and virtually all gear. Odd pieces of gear that you find, are pieces that slipped through the cracks (i.e. vibroknives with aim instead of cunning). This is also true of any odd scenes you see in cinematics that show companions using the wrong weapon.
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