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Here's what I do, hope it helps:

Before arriving to a new planet, I grab my PVP dailies. On my way there, I do all space missions that are green level to orange. When I reach the surface, I grab -every- quest I come across, including missions terminals and heroics. While traveling between all these, I am -always- queued for PVP.

By the time you finish 2-4 quests, you should have PVP'd enough to have about 1000 comms. Return to the Imperial Fleet, turn in your quests, purchase your armor with your comms. (Before 20, I'm buying the 20 armor. When I have that, I start buying 40. After that, I convert to Merc comms.)

Now, on your way back to the planet, do whatever space missions have reset, if any have at all.

When you've done all the quests and I mean -all- of them, including bonus missions for the quests, you should be sitting about 2-3 levels AHEAD of the end-level of the planet.

Example, Balmorra gets you to 20. I'm level 23, just starting the Balmorra Bonus series on an alt.

When you've completed all single man quests within the planet, access your log and start hitting the heroics starting from the lowest level to the highest. You should be able to do the 2+ with NO help, since you're levels ahead.

Now head out to the starport to go to the next planet and get the planet bonus series. Head back, do those quests ALL WHILE QUEUED FOR PVP, you'll be about 3-4 levels, maybe even 5 ahead of what's needed.

I've done this about 3 times so far, all so I can skip Alderaan and not sacrifice my level lol. By the time I hit Alderaan, I'm about 32-33, so I can easily skip it. Just be patient, is all.