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You are probably right

Over 15,000 posts from people, many tech people, and experienced gamers, who build their own machines, with over 10+ years of hardware/software/tech experience.

But hey, its their system or settings or something they did wrong. Because you bought a computer that works fine, that MUST be the reason, right?

/sarcasm off

And just for your info

Here is how the performance is on my i7 during 15 fps warzones:

EVERY cpu core sits around 30-40% load
Memory has over 1 gig free
GPU sits at 0% load
GPU is only at 40% memory usage

And just for your info, the game cant use more then 4gigs of ram. Your 16 gigs is ONLY useful for multitasking. IE: running the game plus other programs at the same time. Or if you use a ram disk to run things from.

If all you are doing is running the game, and nothing else, you have a bunch of ram sitting there not being used.

Wow. 15000. In comparison to the 2 million subscribers that's what .05 percent of the players? So what point did you make. My point is. If it was a huge issue, that affected 50% of the 2million + subscribers. You would have a point. Logic tends to say, " When the minority is the issues, the issue is caused by the minority"