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Inquisitor One is wrong... says Ashara likes courting and she dosnt at all
This all depends on when you gave it to her? I tried giving some to her, but like you, she gave me +0. Until I got her to a certain point, can't remember where, I think it was around 1k, and she wanted to talk. Women always want to talk... So when we were talking, I was able to flirt with her. From there on, her likes went up quite a bit. She now LOVES courting gifts (+++). Most guides you'll see have a split for her. The split if for when she turns courtable. Just keep giving her Rep stuff, and eventually she'll open up. She's a real tough one to relate with.

Another annoying thing about her I've noticed is that she always wants to talk on the ship. She won't talk in the cantina. I'm guessing that's because in a bit things are going to get hot and heavy and she's not into voyeurism