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I know and I wish, oh how I wish; can you picture a male Rattataki with some seriously wicked tattoos and that voice...Vicious *coughs* anyway...

That had been driving me up one wall and down the other, trying to figure out why Andronikos sounded so familiar. I can only, at this point, compare him to Corso (have a female Gunslinger), and Corso comes up lacking. I know there's a pro-Corso contingent on here. I can understand why. He's a nice guy, and I'm being nice to him by not being flirty with any other NPCs and slipping him gifts and whatnot. I was charmed by that early talk about looking at the stars and such but...I cannot get over what others have mentioned in these forums, that Corso sounds like Ellis from l4d2 (I suspect Corso is hiding a Bullshifters tee in the cargo hold somewhere).

Back completely on topic, though, more female romance options are needed. Just flirt options, even. I started a male IA for the eye candy value- note my fondness for Rattataki up there- and not even at level 10 yet he's had flirts. None of my female characters- SI, BH, Smug, JK- had any opportunity to even flirt that soon. The JK I get, but the others? Come on.

Then again, give me a Sith companion with Paul St. Peter's voice- or even Daran Norris's (Vincent, the movie)- and I'll be content

(note: I'm female and a self-confessed Cowboy Bebop fangirl)
Female IAs get to sleep with a guy around level 4. It's sleazy as all hell, and there's a distinct walk of shame after the fade-to-black, but you can do it. Female IAs get to flirt with if not outright seduce one or more NPCs on almost every planet - one I recall in Nar Shaddaa involves seducing a guy to get the information you need, then after he gives it to you and wants to go to bed with you, you can stop him cold. Kaliyo was amused.