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Estelindis, thank you for adding the republic counterparts! How did you get the model viewer shots? I would love to clean up all the darthhater links and do that for the Imperial sets. It's much nicer.

And, it looks like there is no Heavy set for levels 15 and 11 for the Republic either. And, no headgear for anything under Level 19. I'm going to assume now that those do not exist. The only question remains was it an oversight and should we leave the placeholders for the future? Or is it intentional and we can remove those placeholders?
There are heavy sets below 19. I'm currently at work, but I'm quite sure the 15 part is called Republic Commando. The level 11 is called Hardened Plastifold. I believe there is one or two more models in between aswell. No headgear seen as recipes yet either.

My bad regarding title as those are tied to Armormech. In any case I'll check later on another toon. Fairly sure they relate to each other.