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02.22.2012 , 12:00 AM | #5
I'm not too sure how well it would work out without running into a " fable" sort of feeling and they can somehow jump months, to years ahead etc etc...

though Im not opposed to it leading to a " need to protect them" sort of story arch, given you become a very important figure in the Republic or Empire, be it imps trying to get at you, and or rivals wanting your power there is plenty of room for those sort of stories.

Another thing that may bother me, I think because I actually am a Mother, is that while fairly stylized-without a hitch- overly Hollywood-ized romances are one thing, but bringing children into the mix would just... I guess I want to say that the forced feeling, and unnatural nature of how it would play out would stand out too too boldly in my mind.
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