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02.21.2012 , 07:07 PM | #1
We all know by now that there are romanceable companions who will either propose to you (all the romanceable guys) or bring it up in conversation, which will prompt you to propose (all the romanceable girls).

This is delightful and all that, but usually after the marriage convo, your new spouse will bring up the subject of having kids of your own, either naturally or through adoption if you're of different species.

So, my question is this: It keeps getting hinted at that there's gonna be a chance to have kids at some point in the game. Is this going to happen or not? Maybe it's just something that they tossed in there to give the family-types something to be happy about, but with the Legacy and all that, I'm not sure.

Any thoughts on this? Pro, against, happening, not going to happen?

Personally, I haven't decided myself. It'd be cool to see a story involving having a kid of your own, but realistically, I can't see it happening.