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This should be good.

Can't wait to facepalm at their explanation for how he survived being chopped in half and falling down a bottomless pit. Sith wizardry and prosthetic legs/nads? Or maybe one of those hoverchairs that Yoda uses.
Sam Witwer said that Maul survived through the dark side, although he may have only survived long enough to go through the air vents when he was falling down the reactor shaft. According to a new book titled The Wrath of Darth Maul, that's how Maul avoided the landing. However, he doesn't know what happened afterwards.

Now, according to another recent EU book called the Book of Sith, Talzin has an amulet of resurrection that can bring the spirits of the dead back to their bodies. She also says that she can save the near-dead from dying or something like that.