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Ok, in another thread, someone was claiming that boss loot drops are completely random, but in my experience, 99% of the time, if I'm running with STR and AIM users, those are the types of drops we see from bosses in that particular flashpoint. Am I just the luckiest person ever, or does having certain classes in the party raise the chance to see their primary stat loot drop from that FPs bosses? I mean, I've seen the occasional WP item drop while running with a Guardian, Sentinel, two commandos type group, but it's extremely rare. Like once in every 20 or so drops rare.

I searched the net before making this thread and couldn't find a definite answer either way.

Does anyone know for sure?
I have. We did Taral V and a for a sage dropped even though we didn't have a sage in group. We had a sentinel, but he'd have had to replace all the addons, making it pretty useless.
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