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You've got the most accessible source of raid-worthy offhands WITH augment slots for Inquisitors and Consulars, half the Bounty Hunters and all Troopers, Juggernauts and Guardians. Basically, 9 out of 16 Advanced Classes. And you're ditching it?

Even if I bought all the mats on the GTN I could make a profit out of those. But, with just a small investment and some smart arrangements in guild, Artificing can make you a crucial member for your guild to gear up the fresh 50's.

The best part of Artificing isn't the lightsabers or the modifications. It's the often forgotten off-hands.
They don't really sell on my server. Unless it's got an augment slot, and even then I'm not sure I can really extract the cost of failing to crit several times.

here's the problem, I've sold the purple tier 6 gems for 13k each before. I can't sell any of the enhancements for at least 52k (even assuming the non-purple mats are free, I'm LOSING money by turning my materials into something).