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TL;DR: Bioware severely underestimated the number of people who enjoy crafting and/or the endgame utility that crafting provides in other games.

The level 45 offhand has crit and surge. The level 48 offhand has crit and.... alacrity. There are more variations at lower levels, but the level 48 craft from the trainer is crap. Also, it's level 48, and so i'm guessing it's just filler until you get an op drop.

Even if you purple crit it, there's that alacrity taking up space where a useful stat can be.

I got a blue of the level 45, which I've been using while leveling 45 - 50, which is +82 crit and +21 surge, with an aug slot. (Side note - i RE'd these things for 3 days, no purple proc, not sure if it's broken or my RNG sucks).

Conceivably, with a well-itemized Level 48 purple crit, it would stand up to endgame gear for a little while unless or until I got the same stats I wanted in a higher-level item. But even that doesn't seem to be an option, so it's useless and will never be used.

It's clear there was no thought put into what people were supposed to be doing with these crafts at endgame; or rather, I feel like there was an assumption we'd all happily "graduate" to raidgear and not care about having these unused useless skills around.
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