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I have 400 Art/Arch/TH on my Jedi, and I don't think I made a mistake keeping it this long after hitting 50.

There is only one tank enhancement from dailies, and it's not the preferred choice for all of the tank classes. So there is a market for crafting the other ones for your guild. And the crafted Relics are definitely worth it, I haven't gotten one to crit yet, but unless you have drops from the HM/NM Ops coming out your ears, they are comparable to those you can get (not to mention critting gives you an augment slot).

There is no reason I can see to drop this class skill, it's a money maker (both in the crafted items and selling any extra mats on the GTN).
What you fail to realize is that after you crit craft, you can drop artifice and level synthweaving. Crit craft your BoP synthweaving belt/bracers then drop it. End on biochem for their BoP stims/adrenals and the money you save/quality of life benefit of reusables.

THAT is the real issue (credits are also a joke). All BoP craft items should require 400 in their respective crew skill to use.