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Quote: Originally Posted by EnnaRei View Post
Didn't know ranked wz's were out yet.
Rank in that context pertains to valor rank, sorry if there was a misunderstanding.

Quote: Originally Posted by Nessirin View Post
You won't be. That rarely, if ever happens in mmos. Gonna have to grind like everyone else if you want it. God forbid you help some noobs out on your server get some gear.
They've made retroactive changes to items(see: Rakata main hands). They're implementing a system that was tracked retroactively(see: legacy level). They've made retroactive changes to quests to enable continuations(see: BH dark side not continuing to Ilum).

They've stated they have advanced metrics on what everyone is doing all the time when talking about valor farming, so it's not absurd to assume they have logs of every HM quest anyone has ever completed. It's also not absurd to assume it's within their capabilities to parse that data and give social point updates to quests which should have had them(past HMs not giving them isn't a feature change, it was a bug, since normal modes did give them).

As for having to "grind like everyone else", if they credited past quests which should have them it'd affect everyone equally, and if they don't it will affect everyone equally. I have no interest in preferential treatment. If they don't I'll just faceroll Black Talon 100 times since that seems to be the gist of the system. It's not a big deal to me either way, just brought it up in case it hadn't occurred to them and tickled their fancy.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kophar View Post
Really?!? O.o
Yes?!?! Sorry let me change the thread title to "OH NO SURGE CHANGES AHHHHH" since there aren't enough comments on that patch note.

Quote: Originally Posted by Xaearth View Post
Just to clarify, pretty sure you wouldn't get any social points for warzones anyways...
I'm aware of that, nor do you get them in Operations right now. Was merely pointing out a system designed to show how sociable someone is seems to be quite limited in scope, considering I only solo quest Belsavis dailies and spend the rest of my day in groups.
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