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02.10.2012 , 04:10 PM | #1
I'm curious. I see preposterous threads for Klingons v Sith, Jedi v Superman, Middle Earth V Star Wars, WOW v SWTOR, etc....

How come, despite the forums being hosted by Bioware itself, I never see Mass Effect v Star Wars threads? The possibilities are there & potentially endless:

Mass Effect v Star Wars.

Commander Shepard v. Revan v. Captain Picard

Sith Empire v. Reapers

Jedi v. Spectres v. Sith

The Force v. Biotics

Jedi Council v Citadel Council

Twi'Leks v. Asari

Zabrak v. Turian

Normandy v. Ebon Hawk

Blaster v Lightsaber v Assault Rifle

Why is this overlooked?