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Dood... The emperor is not a pureblooded Sith... There is just NO WAY he is...

The Pureblooded Siths were enslaved by a few Dark Jedis running away from the order... Those dark jedis called them selfs Lords of the Siths... becouse the siths were their Slaves...
After centurys they started to breed among themselfs, and the Half Breed Siths x Humans assumed the power Naga Sadow, Ludo Kresh, Marka Ragnos, so on...
They weren't enslaved. More like opressed, but the Sith started willingly worshiping the Dark Jedi soon enough, seeing them as gods.

That being said, the Emperor's biological father was Sith, but his mother was (most likely) human. So he is like.. 1/4 Sith considering that in those times the "purebloods" weren't all that "pure" already.