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Yup, its confirmed. 2012 ssummer release will include The Old Republic sets!

Lego Star Wars Summer Sets 2012 - Fury Class Interceptor

Lego Star Wars Summer Sets 2012 - Republic Striker Starfighter

This means that there is a high chance for more TOR sets being released in the future. This is the first lego set that I will maybe buy (the last one I bought was long time ago when I was like 10 years old). In fact, I may get both!

If they would make the Foundry set or something, with Revan and HK-47 figures, I would buy it no matter what the price was. Damn, we should contact someone within LEGO company and tell them to create Revan related set when they release new TOR sets!

What do you think? Will you consider getting them or is it pushing the boundry of your inner nerdness?
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