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Someone brought this up earlier, but mistakenly said they were part of the patch notes. Right now the only thing in the PTR patch is the Biochem changes. However, there was a post that detailed future plans that said a lot of exciting things. Here's the bit that's relevant to us:

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Major changes are currently on schedule for the next major content patch, such as extractable basemods (armoring, barrel, etc.) from purple items, critical crafting successes on orange outfits, more bind-on-equip schematic drops for artifice and other professions, increased relevance of augments, better reverse engineering chance, and other improvements. We want to create significant incentive for players to engage in the crafting economy – as provider of goods or supplier - without requiring players to take up a specific profession as a ticket into endgame.

Long term, our plan is to evolve Star Wars: The Old Republic’s game economy to a more player driven model, strengthen and improve the GTN and embrace the game’s extensive appearance customization throughout the game. We have a long list of improvements planned for that but we’re also anxious to hear from you.


Find the full text and comment on it here:

Reminder, "Major Content Patch" means a new version increment, so we won't see this until patch 1.2. We are currently on 1.1.2 on the PTR. 1.2 could come at any time, but it isn't announced yet.