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actually i disagree a bit

Armstech - true - useless
Biochem - even after the Nerf still the best crewskill around - if your an PVE endgame player (The dropped Biochem Recipies are now worth something!) - for PvP depends on your cash stockpile but still useful.
Artifice - apart from Augment Relics not that usefull atm (make and relearn)
S/A- same as artifice
Cybertech - ok but not that good after the grenade nerf.

as far as the Biochem nerf goes in general:

imo the only way to go - was just unreasobale before, seeing as the dropped Raid-Recipies were worse than vendor bought ones...
I was talking merely about min/maxing. Biochem will be the most cost-efficient/practical profession, but if you truly care about optimizing your stats, then it wouldn't be the way to go as before. Previously, Biochem was the most practical AND the most efficient profession, but now that they took out one of these factors, you're finally given a choice on practicality vs optimality.

However, we really would have to wait on the availability of Exotech consumables in the GTN and how the prices fare.