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Quote: Originally Posted by donmoocao View Post
New PTR Notes are up. Things of interest are:

-Orange armor being able to crit
-Removable armoring/barrel/hilt off Artifact items
-Schematics that craft BoE items
-Better RE chance
-Removed Biochem requirement off Energized and Exotech stims/adrenals
Good stuff!

Making custom armor critable will make these items valuable for other qualities than appearance. That's great.

Level 50 BoE craftables brings much more profitability to crafting overall.

Better RE chance. Cool, I guess. On the one hand it will cause crafted t2 aftifact items depreciate in value and rarity, and the countless millions of credits we've all wasted will be for nothing if the same result now can be achieved for a fraction of the cost. On the other hand it will save us countless millions more for every new schematic, not to mention the time and frustration. I just hope they haven't made it too easy to achieve perfection.

Removing the Biochem requirement for stims and adrenals was a stroke of genius, giving Biochemists a nice new revenue stream and eliminating the need for every raid character to drop their other crafting skill in favor of Biochem.

All in all a much deserved boon for crafters and the game economy.

Also, thanks Sleign and everyone else who has contributed information to the first post. It's been a great help in wrapping my head around the crafting system of this game. Special thanks to LoneStranger for the flowchart.