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Just to repost a previous question which didn't get answered.. Is it possible to remove an enhancement from a purchased PvP reward item, say a lightsaber, then try to RE it for the schematic? The enhancement in question is "Triumphant Enhancement 20"

Previous wisdom says the answer is NO because one cannot craft that enhancement normally, but the enhancement has all the qualities of falling in a linear pattern (it's blue, numbered, and has stats very competitive to similar trainer taught enhancements). Seeing as how I'm not level 50, it's likely the schematic is a world drop that I just haven't encountered yet, but I'd be curious to know if it's possible to make this.

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I've got a Tionese Supercommando's Module (earring) that dropped last night in a 16 man op. Can this be reverse engineered to gain a Tier 1 or 2 prefix? I know it's possible to crit and gain an augment slot.

If not, I see no point in these earrings. Each schematic is bind on pickup, and makes a bind on pickup ear...with stats far worse than a tier 2 crafted earring (61 aim, 95 endurance, 37 accuracy, 28 defense).