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01.29.2012 , 04:05 PM | #27
Imperial Agent (To the end of Act 3) -> (10/10)

Very good. Very, very, very good. Excellent story with the twists and turns you would but wouldn't expect. Creates a feeling that fits so well in the Star Wars universe but has yet to be really explored. If you want a good story, this is the class for you. It goes from good to great in the ending of Act 1, and keeps being very strong after. I'd find it hard to believe a person really didn't at least like the story after playing it.

Jedi Knight (To the end of Act 3) -> (7.5/10)

The Jedi knight is about... wait for it: Saving the Galaxy. Who would have thought? Its very straightforward, but with some nice touches throughout and plot twists that are unique enough to make it an original experience in itself. Most every planet offers its own possible destruction. The most impressive part of the story is that it has you save people and planets so much, but effectively raises the stakes as it goes along. But by the end of Act 3, I doubt there's much more room to go up with the stakes. It will be interesting how they add onto the story in the future.

Sith Warrior (Halfway through Act 1) -> (-n/a-/10)

Not far enough in to give this a reasonable score. Its interesting so far. Slow at the point. But i hear it picks up soon .