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01.26.2012 , 02:17 PM | #112
it is true that the gtn is clunky and needs a slot search feature. however after learning a few "tricks" i can navigate it rather easily. i told my guildies how to seach using these tricks but will not post them.

too many people want to emulate wow which most people are familiar with but there are better ah in other games out there can serve us far more efficiently. personally i like unlimited posting times, unlimited posted items and have the buyer pay any ah fees. wow did none of these but another game out there did and they came out before wow. also this game is still around too.

if you close your "bag" then when your companion cames back from a mission it usually wont kick you out of the gtn. in this game you can only have two windows open at once. the mission one counts as a window while at the gtn. this is one trick i learned. (just have the gtn window open in other words)

personally i think the gtn will be "fixed" rather soon. i bet it is the next priority fix after the ui.